Founders Factory is excited to announce the 2013 10xelerator program
10xelerator (10x) is a mentor-driven accelerator focused on converting promising entrepreneurial ideas into viable businesses and, ultimately, sustainable companies.
10x is Ohio’s premiere Tech accelerator program. Managed by Founders Factory, it is a collaborative effort among Ohio’s New Entrepreneurs (ONE) Fund, TechColumbus, Columbus 2020, The Ohio State University and other like-minded community organizations committed to leveraging their experience, expertise and influence to grow profitable businesses.

We’re a little different than your typical startup accelerator, and we’re also a little different than your typical early stage fund. Sure, we provide cash and we have a best in class acceleration process, but our real difference are the people making it happen.

In our entrepreneurial “boot camp” our mentors work with you frequently and teach you the skills and discipline you need to make your idea a successful business.

All of Founders Factory mentors have started companies and sold them; they’ve experienced the pitfalls and know the challenges. We’ve invested decades in developing the networks, contacts and industry connections needed to jump start the next good idea into a great business. That idea could come from you, and that next great business might be the one we help you start.